​Hi, I'm Sonja! 

I am a mindset mastery coach & online

business coach. 

I will help you remove your mindset blocks and any excuses towards building the influencer business you were meant to build. Do you want to have an empowering mindset, a strong intuition, deep confidence, focus, and high energy but most of all just once and for all breakthrough anything that limits the authentic you and your ambition to create the business of your dreams, without losing sight of the strategy of building a real online coaching or influencers business?

Manifest destiny with the Intelligence 

of your Intuition and the power of Belief.

How to manifest clarity and focus while getting rid

of limiting beliefs?

Do you find it overwhelming to balance your business and life?
Find out how to get aligned and get rid of limiting beliefs along the way.

Just free your mind and
success will follow.

Increase your focus, confidence, and energy in less than
30-minutes over 5 days.

"Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Train it well."

Mindset Mastery Coaching offers personalized one to one coaching to meet your needs:


- build capability

- increase performance and productivity

- reduce conflict

- create or enhance levels of influence

- increase engagement with people for greater communication and relationship building

High Ticket Coaching

High Ticket Coaching can help you increase the number of clients in your coaching business by helping you create, launch, and sell a high ticket offer that serves your ideal client, feeling authentic.

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